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Our partners at the Pipeline Initiative are working to leverage the power of data and technology to systematically and strategically make rapid progress towards a truly reflective democracy, while putting in place the infrastructure to measure impact over time and learn the most effective ways to recruit, train, and support progressive candidates to run for office.

To enable organizations to recruit more candidates to run and win in more places, the Pipeline Initiative in collaboration with data partners and vendors, has built the largest, most comprehensive, robust, and collaborative database of the 500,000+ elected offices, elected officials, and candidates running for those offices in the country. They’ve layered demographic and geographic data like party ID, race, ethnicity, age, gender and more to the officeholders and candidates, so that organizations can identify specific races to target. And they’ve built the infrastructure necessary to match organizational data (e.g. trainees, other candidate prospects, endorsements) on top of the preliminary database to empower this work, measure success, and create a stronger, more diverse candidate recruitment pool writ-large.

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